Monday, October 7, 2013

Sum up of my past couple of weeks plus personal and earth shattering revelation about warm up! 9.2 K today!

Two weeks ago Monday night, Marc and I went walking.  I don't recall what route or how long although I imagine it was around an hour since that is what we usually aim for.

After that, it was shopping and cooking for Issy's Bar Mitzvah, and then shmini atzeret, shabbat and then simchat torah and then Issy's Bar Mitzvah!  Of course, I reconciled the whole not training when I am working 15 hour days on my feet a few weeks ago, but I was sad that I could not get out during the chag and shabbat to go for a walk.  I think at times like those I need to give up my dreams at Shaarei Yishayna and just get up and go walking instead.  It's not my usual, but then neither is training to walk for a half marathon either!

This past shabbat, we walked about 5.5 K as a family.  We went out the rail trail to Aberdeen, down dundurn to main and back to cline.  We decided to walk together since we are doing the Wellwood Walk this weekend at Mac.  It was very nice to walk together and we also stopped to talk to the guy who bought our house on Herkimer in 2002.

I am learning something interesting about warming up.  The first couple of kilometres are killer.  No matter what.  After my body gets warmed up, I feel like I can walk a whole marathon, let alone a half, but until that point, oy va voy li. Today I worked out that it probably takes a couple of kilometres for me to warm up.

So, this is pretty much earth shattering to me.  Why?  because honestly, If it was up to me  to stop when I felt like I was not enjoying the walk, or when it was uncomfortable, I would never get past that first couple of km.  Once I get past them, I feel totally like I can go forever!  Today, I went with my friend Jeannie and we walked 9.2Km.  We also stopped for a bit to talk to my Cousin, who is a marathoner, David Morris (and then he joined our walking for a few km) so it took longer than it would have but it was a gorgeous day and we both enjoyed speaking and walking with David.

At the end of our walk I actually said to Jeannie that if when we got to the car it was anywhere near 9.5 km I would walk the extra kilometer, but it was just 9.2, and I decided tomorrow is another day after we walked up the hill at the end of our hike back up to the residential neighbourhod where we parked.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with a new family Doctor.  Ours, even though we love him is never available and we wait months for things like check ups and such because he is a sole doc in the practice and is often shut down for months, either because he breaks something in a bike race, or for vacations.  I am going to see how far his office is now and see if I have time to walk down to the appointment after 11:30, when my work finishes.

Jeannie and I decided we make excellent walking partners too, so hopefully we can walk some of the trails she knows and then I can share them with marc when we walk together!  She seems to have a pretty good handle on them!

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