Sunday, October 20, 2013

Well, I was aiming for last...First timed race at Wellwood walk for Colorectal Cancer- Team Bubby Faye!

This morning was the Wellwood Event for Colorectal Cancer.  We signed up so we could support wellwood, but also to start getting some experience for how races work.  You aren't supposed to do anything for the first time on the day of a race, so to get some experience before Florida is my goal.

I just could not get on top of my game today so to speak.  My breathing was off, my left leg hurt, sort of crampy, I forgot to take advil.  I thought about walking to mac to help in warming up but we ran out of time.  At one point in the race, an HSR bus was suddenly on the course and we had to get up on the curb.  I misstepped up, and fell flat out.  Boy that was fun and embarrassing.

Then, a headache started along with the other aches from my fall.  I was bitchy and cranky.  Ariel was kind enough to walk with me and that was lovely of her since she is so capable of walking faster than me.  I felt like I never really warmed up and never really hit my stride, so all in all, not a fun walk.

It was nice, however to have my team waiting for me at the end and I have to admit I was so dejected about my time (about 12.20 km) that i really did not feel it was much of an accomplishment.  I regularly walk more than 5k and often way faster than that, so it was a bit of a let down that after two months of training, I was walking at such a pace and actually not really enjoying myself either.  Honestly, people carrying babies  and walking with canes were walking faster than me!

Marc was saying in the car that it was funny he had to convince me that finishing was an accomplishment.  I said everything he said above and he responded by saying 'Come on, if I had said three months ago that we were going to do something like this, no only would you have not done it but you would certainly not have trained or whatever (not like the training did much for me time wise today.)

So eventually, I changed my perspective and decided I was aiming for last since I thought I was last anyways.  Strangely when I decided that, all the sudden, I started passing people, so I failed in coming in last.  I will have to work harder at that next time!

Also, in two weeks time, a few of us from Team Bubby Faye are considering walking in the half marathon for the hamilton marathon.  We figure we are nowhere near ready but it is race experience and we don't have to finish it either.  Personally, I am not even aiming for last there, but just to finish, if I am up to it...


  1. Andrea, I don't know why it took me so long to discover your blog, why I didn't catch this sooner on Facebook, but here I am today. You freakin' *rock* and you have my total admiration and support. xo

  2. Thanks so much lynda! You can read from the beginning if you want to get the full experience! Please share my blog if you are inclined. Either on social media or with people you think might find it interesting! I posted the link for sponsorship on my Fb today if you want to sponsor! Thanks! Xoxo