About Andrea

My name is Andrea.  I am a 46 year old, nearly 300 pound mother of two who lives in Hamilton, Canada.  Hamilton is the city on the very tip of Lake Ontario, that is between Niagara Falls and Toronto as you drive around the lake.

In late July of 2013, I was inspired, out of gratitude for an amazing programme that Yachad runs, to sign up for Team Yachad.  At first, I considered doing a 5K, but that did not seem like quite enough to say 'Thank you' to Yachad and really make a statement as well as raise sponsorships and their profile.

I settled on a 1/2 Marathon because that seemed incredibly unattainable.  It seemed insane, so I knew that if I set out to do it, I had to follow through.  I signed up and started acknowledging publically what I had done.  I did that for accountability, and also to raise my profile.

It is interesting to note that the weirdest unforseen side effect of this blog and my public airing of my training laundry is that so many people, strangers included have told me how my just getting out there is inspirational to them.  Training is going well and almost from the first day, I liked walking and getting intense exercise, so the bonus is that I am getting fit and liking it.  I also discovered that participating in timed races makes me goal oriented, and that is why I want to continue doing this even after Miami is over.  There are a million goals to be strived for, even walking.

Please join me on my journey, read up about Yachad and let people you think would be interested know it is out there and if you are so inclined, sponsor me!


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