Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pouring rain, cold, shabbat walk....sore back, sore left leg, but still did it to the tune of 8 km

This week, I hadn't walked since Monday.  From Tuesday on, I was heavily involved in my volunteer work for United Shabbat which happens monthly at our Synagogue. They were some long and uncomfortable days so walking was not  really a possibility.

After the United Shabbat lunch, it was raining lightly and I took one look out side and decided that there was no way I was going to miss walking today for a bit of rain.  Marc found me a windbreaker thing that was water repellent and he wore a rain coat and we both set off to find Jeannie and head out for a walk.

We took the rail trail and went as far as old ancaster in dundas and then returned.  We walked an hour out and back.  It was miserable.  we were so wet (between sweat and rain) and it was kind of chilly too.

I refer to walks like this as bitch walks.  No amount of warming up makes it feel better and my back killed all the way through.  Not particularly enjoyable.  If it was like this every time, I would never have gotten so excited about all this training.  Truth be told, it's great that I know that when  a bitch walk happens, its a pretty one time thing.  Tomorrow we have a 5k for Well wood, and if there is an opportunity to walk 10K I will.

In any case, I am so glad I went.  So glad.  I did not let a little rain stop me and I pushed through my discomfort.  It wasn't much of a walk distance wise, but I think sometimes the idea that we did it anyway is worth something.

I do know I am going to have a hard time convincing my walking partners to walk through the colder, more miserable weather though.  Hopefully, it'll be a mild winter, because I don't particularly fancy walking an indoor track or treadmill....

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