Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When everything goes wrong and I still did it.

Today's walk was a total drag.  My GPS kept turning off and I specifically did that trail so that I could see how far one part of it was.  I decided to try another trail that sounded attractive and as it turned out it was a total botch.  All uphill.  It took me an extra ten minutes per km because i had to stop and rest constantly it was so uphill.

IN any case, once again, I am home and my body feels good and i know that however much I did not enjoy it, I seriously accomplished something today!  I kept pushing through even when i just wanted to give up and go home.  As useless and stupid as i felt going so slowly, had my GPS actually recorded the final 2k of the walk, as soon as I hit flat ground, i was back to my usual pace, so that was also reassuring. I met a nice girl on the trial, last part of it, who just moved to Hamilton for Grad School.  I so much prefer walking with someone!

And pretty as it was, I did not enjoy my surroundings so much because I was working so freaking hard.  BUT, it was pretty spectacular when I got this close to this deer and about ten or fifteen feet from two more!

I figure today was about 6 k, but it was a HARD 6k.

Post script. my GPS software is recording this as miles.  Truth is It could have been.  In which case the walk was 9.12 km

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