Monday, September 23, 2013

Athletes- Encouragement needed...Sometimes I can't figure out how I am going to do this!

This was last nights course.  It was yesterday's exit criteria that we were going to get out to walk.  I probably could have done this easily had I stayed at home yesterday and just gone out for  a walk at some point but the kids were going to a Yachad programme in Toronto, we were late and then had to drive them to Uxbridge since we missed the bus.

That was an extra hour out and back that we lost.  Anyways, eventually we went out for a walk at around 10pm.  It was good in the beginning but after the first mile or so, my shins started to ache and as we approached the 30 minute mark, we decided to cut the walk short because I stumbled and twisted my foot and Marc had a headache (he was such a good sport to come at all) and I just lost all desire to be out there.

After not walking from Thursday (which was that kick ass walk off road) to Sunday, I thought for sure my shins would not bother me.  I dislike having the feeling of three steps forward, two steps back, or in this case, four steps back so often.  I am not sure what do do about it.

The weather has been awesome for walking and to boot, I know my heart rate has been affected positively by the extra exercise, because I just feel it, or don't as the case may be, but honestly, I am so frustrated that every time I feel like I accomplished something big, or new it seems to set me back.

How do Athletes deal with that?  I am assuming it happens to more than just me.
Don't get me wrong, I will keep pushing through, even though I feel sort of dejected right now, because I have goals, but I like feeling happy about this process.  Pollyanna, even.  Having days like yesterday make me feel like I must seriously be insane to be doing this.  Feedback welcome!

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