Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Equipment.....What I am learning...

When I started this whole thing, I was pretty happy to learn that my Keen sandals were comfortable to walk in and while I recognize that at some point I will need to get proper walking shoes, equipment really had not occurred to me.

This week, I made a point of going to shop for some items that I felt would be helpful after a month or two of this whole training thing.

I went to the Mountain Equipment Coop.  Mainly because they proudly stock Israeli items, including 'The Source' Hydration solutions and also because their customer service has always been excellent and I knew I would be able to ask questions.

First, I went to find a hydration pack.  Both of my kids have no idea what happened to theirs from Israel last year and honestly it is so annoying to carry a water bottle or even strap one on  and have it banging about on my back.

I was able to pick up an inexpensive Jansport back pack that is super light and has the ability to hold the hydration bladder.  Then I picked up a 2 L bladder.

I was able to find some wicking t shirts with the help of a lovely staff member who was so patient...

Which brings to mind another thing.  I always feel like people are going to laugh at me because I am almost 300 pounds and even standing in the running section of a store, but no, you know, to a one, every single person I have told has been supportive!  I feel like an idiot but they don't think I am an idiot!  Its really a lesson for me...

Anyways, between the wicking shirts, the pants i bought a couple of weeks ago (also wicking from Penningtons) and the Hydration pack, I was also motivated to buy a gps watch.  It is actually quite a lot easier than the iphone gps thing i was doing and unless I am listening to music or an audiobook, I can leave the phone at home.  Tonight was super comfortable !

I forgot, I also went swimming at noon today for around a half hour.

I am about to pass out, I am so tired but I wanted to just say that I am so loving all aspects of this training and the learning process is one which seriously is kind of shocking in how intense lessns of all kinds have been.

I must go to sleep,  i don't even think i am making sense!

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