Monday, September 2, 2013


Today, we went to the Science Centre in Toronto and grabbed some food for a picnic since the weather turned from yuck to amazing during the time we were there!  We headed up to Earl Bales park in North York, parked the car, ate and then Marc and I went for a walk while the kids hung out.  We decided to walk for thirty minutes out and then we would be walking for an hour so thirty minutes back. 

Neither of us are particularly familiar with Earl Bales, so we started walking and about a kilometre in, we realized that the road took a crazy down and it was about a 45 degree angle. My heart sunk and honest to god, I have no idea where the bravery came from at all!  Marc was like 'Are you sure?" and I was like 'what the hell'.  Meanwhile, I think the last time I walked down a hill that steep was the snake path down Masada.  Each step brought a special sense of forboding, knowing that we were going to turn around and come back the exact same way.  We  walked for thirty minutes once we hit bottom and the lowest point was 140 meters above sea level.  The place we started from was, as you see above, at 177 meters above sea level. Most of those thirty seven meters were on that hill I referenced, and while I did not take a measurement for exactly how long the hill was, At that angle, it was not very long.

So I took the hill easier than the rest of the walk and made it up, wheezing and all.  One of these days I will remember  my ventolin before i go walking!  In total, we walked 6.43 Km in 1:03 or so.  Not at all bad.  6 k an hour.  That means the half marathon will be somewhere around 3.5 hours at this pace.

I was dead tired when we got back to the car, but by the time we hit the 401, I was actually feeling pretty good and like I could have done more.  Which is a damn good thing because I have to be able to walk at least 3.5 times that for the race!

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