Sunday, August 11, 2013

Training starts MONDAY NIGHT! August 12, 2013!

Tomorrow, my parents will have been married for 47 years, and I will be starting the momentous occasion of starting to train for my half marathon!  I will be training with my dear friend Ms. Shaniqua Mystique, who is an endurance walker and with whom I have no doubt there will be endless conversation as we walk and walk our ways to my half marathon!

I am so grateful for the offers to go walking together I have had from at least six people, the sponsorships, and as well, the very generous sponsorships that will increase as I hit milestones!  I am not really nervous at this point because I do know that there is plenty of time to start the training and get there in very good time.  For now, my goal is just to finish the darn thing, but don't be surprised if that goal changes as we go on.

I am planning on blogging the experience because honestly, I think the idea of someone who is as overweight and old as I am doing such a crazy thing is a) deserving of a description of the process and b) might be interesting and even serve as inspiration to other people who are not exactly  obvious candidates for 'half marathon participant!'

In fact, I am almost positive, here on this side of starting (as in, not yet) that there will be some interesting stuff I need to get out and work out (so to speak.)  Writing has always been my number one way to express my feelings, so a blog just seems like a logical step.  I really hope to be honest and transparent here.  I am attempting to work up the courage to weigh myself and post that, but maybe it will take me a while to get there....

Anyways, I am going to connect this blog to my facebook, so those of you who know me there will be able to check my notes and those of you who don't (ie) we dont actually know each other, can read me here, or via my Team Yachad runner web site which is attached to my blogger profile.  See you tomorrow Miss Shaniqua!

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