Monday, August 12, 2013

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Andrea's Story

Tonight, I started training with my trainer the amazing Miss Shaniqua Mystique!  I will tell you that what I told her was pretty much that I am five two and weigh an awful lot (well, I was more honest with her, but I am just not in a place where I feel good about sharing my weight on this blog) and while I am not sedentary, I am also not fit.

Miss Shaniqua told me that as a speed walker she fully expected to have to slow down for me but she was thrilled to do so because she was so excited about my decision to be a part of Team Yachad and helping to support such an amazing cause!

So we met up and started walking and within a few steps, she said 'Um.  You don't walk slow at all.  You are matching my pace.'  and I was kind of shocked because honestly, I am the short fat one who is not fit.  In any case, we started walking, and our goal was 1 km.  In the end we did 5km, because i was doing just fine.  We even talked all the way.  I think tonight was shocking for both of us.  I am posting the screen shots of the two parts of the trip.  We did take a break to sit for a bit, because my sciatica needed a stretch but  next time, I will take advil and we won't have to stop.

We walked back and cut a couple of minutes off our pace as well.  My next big challenge is going out tomorrow for a walk by myself.  I am thinking I should commit here to practicing tomorrow so that if I don't live up to my commitment, I will have to suck up my face here as well.  Nothing like accountability!

Miss Shaniqua is writing a report which I will also post so that you can see what her thoughts are!  Oh and the screen shots are in miles. so if you multiply by 2,2 you get the kilometres.  Oh and Thursday we plan on going swimming at Dalewood after we finish our walk!