Monday, August 12, 2013

MARATHON TRAINING SESSION 1: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Miss Shaniqua Mystique's Assessment

I'm not sure who you were actually describing in the days leading up to your first marathon training session, but the woman I had been lead to believe would probably walk too slow for a speed demon like me kept actually kept pace with me, side by side, each and every step of the near 5 km we walked! 

Oh, by the way - that woman is YOU, and yes... each and every one of my "seriously - are you kidding me?" was well deserved! In addition to being a much faster walker then perhaps you thought you were, you walk incredibly tall (no need for me to snap a ruler with this one... and you've already got the whole "walk with your hands, not your legs" thing figured out. So, guess it will be me tagging along with you, huh? 

 Given that we took more than a minute off our return walk, I suggest we continue to set new time goals each walk. To build on our cardio, eventually we will add some gentle hills for a challenge (and to build our endurance) and can opt for water walking sessions to compensate for the change in weather as winter approaches. But no matter what we do, the most important thing will always be... stay in motion, every day of the week! 

Later this week? A full 5K - five minute break at the half way mark, then we will take a minimum 1 minute off our return walk. We'll mix things up a bit by trying a water walk - a slow 2K jog in the shallow end of the pool. To build on your training, you'll keep walking on your own each day (remember to take screen shots on your phone tracking your progress!) and if they are nice, you might even let Mark and the kids join you for a walk sometime, too. 

Were you kidding me... or kidding yourself? You're a natural walker, Andrea, and if your first training session was any indication, your first half marathon is going to be your last. After that, you're going to be "full marathon or nothing"!

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