Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I've been a bit out of touch, but here's what has been happening....

For the past two weeks, I have not been training with my regular walking partner but I have made some interesting (to me anyways) changes.  Firstly, I went off the to the Catskills, for an amazing Torah Mates retreat at the Zone, in Stamford, NY.  It was awesome and one thing about the catskills is that it is definitely hilly.

So, the last time I was there, I did no gratuitous hill climbing or walking.  I left my place at the Venetian (or the Vatican as it was so humourously called) and took what I thought I would need until the next planned time to come back.

This time, I was in the Hyatt, which is closer to the main activities but the hill is more steep.  I walked back and forth as often as I forgot or needed stuff, without once giving any consideration to the minimizing of trips.  Taking a long walk there did not work out, timing wise, but I got some serious heart rate time in.

In addition, I was so pleased to finally be there when SHIMI 2 ZUMBA was giving a class!  For five years, I wondered what Zumba was about and what Shimi, that crazy woman's class was about and I finally got to do it!

I decided that as intimidating as it was, I was going to finish the class, even though I am a klutz, even though I am very fat, even though I only just started getting fit. I knew from doing step classes years before that one can march in place if you can't get the steps.  And so, I did.  I took the class, and started doing it even though I felt sort of idiotic and like I had no clue what I was doing.  And she kept adding on songs, and adding them on and in the end, I think it was somewhere around an hour and a half before we were done.

And I did it.  I finished it.  I walked in place where I needed to.  I didn't abuse myself.  Heck, I was not really any more sore than I might have been with all the hill walking but you know, I did it.
I finished it and that is what my goal is for this half marathon.

When I came home, I launched straight into work last week and honestly, I still have not figured out how one should work a 15 hour day on their feet and still go for a training walk after.  If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

Saturday, I was planning on walking with Marc, but I had three migraines last week (which is highly unusual for me) and which honestly, there is no way in hell, I would train through those and one was on Saturday.  Hopefully this week.  We won't be 'training' per se on Shabbat, but just walking for long walks together.  He loves walking and is so excited to finally have me to do it with!  Who knew that this team yachad thing would be so amazing for my couple time!  (love you honey!)

AAAAnyways, finally, last night, I went out for a walk with the beautiful and dangerous Miss Shaniqua Mystique, my walking coach, and I discovered- ugh- shin pain!  She graciously allowed me to set the pace and I slowed it down but I think we actually went farther than either of us thought we would.  And with no shin pain.  The next time we walk, I will make sure to stretch better before which is something I have not been so good at doing.  Oh and we went even though we knew there was a storm coming.  And we kept going once it started to rain, although thankfully we missed the storm.  I was proud of us for not sucking out.

One thing that amazes me is that  after I walk, I feel amazing.  Once I cool down and stop shvitzing, I really feel so good!  I must admit that is motivating to me with regard to going out again.  Tonight, Shaniqua and I are actually going to swim, whether it be laps or walking with the water resistance, I don't know, but I love being in a pool!  Right now, i hope to get out for good walks at least every other day. (it appears that every day is really not good in terms of letting muscles rest, although pleasure walks on off days, or cross training are ok.)

Oh and one other thing.  I was at a Doctor appointment and he put the fear of god in me about injuries.  What he pretty much did was confirm that I am insane for trying this in such a short period of time from unfit to half marathon and when he saw that I was serious he said this. " Andrea, you are the kind of person who will decide to do something and then do it with all your might.  At your weight, the fact that you don't have sore hips or knees or anything worse than a little sciatica is a miracle and you don't want to go there, believe me.  So if it hurts, stop.  Train smart.  Don't get hurt because that will take you right out of your game.  Good luck!'

I will say that this Doc is very fit, and so is his wife.  She did a half marathon and apparently it was very tough even though she was fit.  So, from that, I learned that what I am attempting to accomplish is truly insane but worthy.  So, I am telling you all right now that my goal, my only goal, is to finish at a walk.  I don't care how long it takes me and I dont care what my time is.  I am doing this as a challenge for myself, but also to show my gratitude to yachad, which is truly an amazing organization.

I thank all of you for your ongoing support!

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