Saturday, November 9, 2013

This incredible woman just inspired me to make this the beginning of alooong road in endurance walking!

When I  read this article, I was so overwhelmed by emotions.  Having walked and completed my first half marathon on November 3, 2013, the same day as the New York Marathon, I was absolutely flying.  Me.  A nearly 300 pound, 46 year old woman.  I walked 21.1 km.  Continuously.  In a timed race.

So, waking up and reading this story, both brought me to tears and filled me with joy.  It brought be to tears because I was sad that this woman passed away, but filled with joy because I cannot imagine a better death than one coming after a perfect day of doing what I love, like this incredible marathoner.

I was also experiencing joy, thinking that I never thought I could be one of those people who participate in extreme endurance sports into their mid eighties. I realize that at 46, my mid eighties are forty years off, but on the other hand, since beginning this journey, I love this sport and I know that the key for me to remain motivated is participating in these races.  5k, 10K or halfs.  I feel like the potential for continuously growing and achieving is endless.  I especially loved reading elsewhere about this woman, I saw that her times got longer over the years but she still participated right until the end!

I really had so much that ran through my mind in last week's race.  I also realize that I didn't really tell you all the weird stuff and the funny stuff.

So, let this be about Joy Johnson.  May she rest in peace, and may she always be at the head of the pack.  Like she said 'I am just lucky to be here- so many people my age are in wheelchairs.  And that is how I feel.  I don't mind being in the back of the pack.  Because everyone who isn't in the race is behind ME!

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