Saturday, November 23, 2013

One thing you know is true. If I can do it, you can do it! The idea of me being inspirational is just.... weird.

Periodically, I hear from people who are following this blog and reading about my development into a marathon walker from puddle of goo (ok, not quite, since being a caterer is not exactly a sedentary job.)  I hear that they read my blog, or my Facebook status or maybe they see me walking and suddenly, they are also inspired to hit curves, or the gym or even go for a long walk.  Or, they are inspired to tell me how I am ten times fitter than they are and in total awe. And, wow, its so weird to be 'that' woman who actually is crazy fat and 46 but still working toward a major physical fitness goal.

Whats amazing about it is that hearing about your reading my blog-it totally keeps me motivated to keep on keeping on.  I also love hearing that people are supporting me in lots of different ways, from sponsoring me to sending good thoughts my way, to going for a walk because I inspired them to do so.  It is amazing to know I am not on this journey alone and that my journey is connnected to all of your journeys!

I will say this.  Signing up for timed races is necessary to keep me motivated but it's also sort of a drag!  For example:  being in training mode and being in pre race mode are two different things.  Like last week, somehow I managed to chafe myself and thus this week, being pre race mode again, I was reticent to head out because bleeding body parts do not make for good races. So, tororrow, I will do my 5k, and then I think I will walk the 5k back to the car because I don't have any races for a while, and it's been a while since I did a ten k.  I know there is a shuttle, but I don't really care, actually.  Assuming the weather isn't totally a problem, I want to do it.

So, being in races keeps me motivated, it keeps me goal oriented (like improving my times, pushing myself for short races) and as far as the longer races go, I want to be those people who walk 18-20 k without thinking much about it and just do it for fun.  Such oddness really.  There is a tonne of goal making involved in all of this and so much potential for making new goals! But it's also incredibly weird being the person who is motivating others just by sharing my own experience.  Me, who would typically avoid stairs or walking of any distance, even at a saunter.  Me who has never exercised regularly.  Me who was never  a jock in high school. Me who even though i was a swimmer- meaning lifeguard and instructor, was never a swim team participant (except as a lifeguard) and almost fell over in shock at grade 9 track and field day when I came in third in a sprint race because I had been jogging around the driving park track and somehow that made me faster in a sprint.  I think my response to 'congratulations' was 'youre joking!"

I have been thinking recently about nutrition as it relates to the training thing and I have to admit that I am starting to consider following some sort of a training related food plan.  I am doing my research and speaking to 'my' professionals and l am gearing up to make some decisions about how I can change how I eat to benefit my activity without completely throwing me into some sort of a crazy eating binge- the like of which have brought me to my current weight because following a food plan is a HUGE trigger for me and while left to my own devices, I can maintain my weight and not gain (I recently threw out a bunch of clothing i was sick of- that NEVER used to happen-and yes, I am still buying the same size but it's been something like 7 years at this weight now, and the last insane increase happened after a debacle with a 'support' who was not a professional and which spun me out into the atmosphere so badly that not only did I regain all the weight I had lost, but I also gained another twenty to spare.

For years, I felt hopeless about my weight.  in 2009, I had occasion to go to a sleep clinic and the doc there connected me to some medical professionals who I have been working with to try and find a solution to my weight issues without going nuts and spinning off again.  I know that the process has really helped me because I went from completely hopeless about ever finding a solution to hopeful that some day enough factors and supports would be in place that I would be able to pursue weight loss again, or even just follow a maintenance plan.

Anyways, I am just saying out loud, because as you know, I am big on accountability that I am considering this seriously.  I recognize that weight loss will never happen to me   if left to my own devices, but wanting to increase my speed and lower my times is something that is directly weight related.  There is no going around it.  If I remain the same weight and keep working out, of course, I will increase my speed but it would be alot easier to do it the easy way, by losing weight.

So the rules of eating upstairs are changing (downstairs is biz).  No white flour or pasta, or grains.  Eat more fruit and vegetables. Avoid recreational sugar if at all possible, but not at all costs (like, morning races require fast carbs and I am not a good breakfast eater- race days builder bars are my best bet and for long races and workouts, sports beans are helpful...)  Thats as far as i can go today. because increasing the quality of my food is a huge deal.  And for today, it's enough.

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