Friday, November 1, 2013

Picking up race kits for the Hamilton Marathon Half?!?!?!? WHAAAAAT??? Getting up at 4 am is gonna be the worst part!

Yup, its true.  After I write this, I am going to pick up our race kits for the Hamilton Marathon.  Honestly, I never thought I would even consider writing words like this, because at so morbidly obese and so uninclined to exercise, it would have just been a ridiculous idea.

So in the mean time, if you have been keeping up with my blog, you know that I now do regular 10 k walks and one Shabbat did a 13.5 k walk so 21 K is no longer the ridiculously unachieveable goal I might have once thought it was.

In fact, the idea of going to pick up the race kit is more intimidating to me than the actual race.  Its totally bizarre.  Totally.

I am all ready for Sunday.  I was actually pretty sick to my stomach this week and did not go walking but that is actually perfectly acceptable behaviour for a week before a race.  Escpecially since i did not have 3 weeks notice, like you would normally have for toning down the training.  Hopefully the problem with my stomach will be resolved by sunday and the day will dawn (and I will get up at 4am- OY!)

I have my clothing picked out, my shoes are ready to go, and I am packed for a post half marathon recovery day on Sunday night before heading into United Shabbat shopping on Tuesday. I just need to go buy some electrolyte jelly bellys since i have no idea how gross the jell is and i am not going to risk barfing all over the course on sunday!

I decided to do this for a  lot of reasons, and my big concern was that they were going to shut down the course before I got off it but it turns out that as long as I can get off the Red hill parkway before 11 am (starting at 8:30 am - no sweat) they keep the chip timers up until everyone who is going to finish, does.  I have a massage scheduled in Niagara Falls at 2pm so hopefully I can finish and get there in time as well!

So, think good thoughts for me, and sponsor me on team yachad please!  The organization is amazing and I am so pleased and proud to be representing them.  Even if not in this particular race!

My goal is just to do it until I can't do it anymore.  I do think there is a reasonable expectation that I can finish but its not my goal, unlike with Miami.

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