Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So Much to Catch Up ON! Blood tests (if you only knew...), Winter training and 'you wannna do what for your vacation?!?!?"

It's been around a month since I wrote, and truthfully, I have not been walking for training purposes either, because I have been working one 12 hour day after an other for a little over five weeks.

In that time, I did do the Chanukkah Hustle and the Santa Shuffle, both of which I blogged about but really, I have been so overwhelmed by the physical part of my job that it has been all I can do just to get through one day after another.

A few things that I have wanted to write about.  First, at the end of October, I went for some blood tests.  It was a check up and I told my Doc to put everything remotely needed on the list.  He was away for a bit so when he got back a month later, imagine my surprise when he said that my blood work was totally normal, I could have fallen over in shock!  The only thing that was a 'little' elevated was my triglycerides which he wants me to see a nutritionist for, not even go directly to drugs.

I laughed out loud when I heard that.  He said 'what?' I said that if he only knew how much meat I ate that he would think that my triglycerides were a freaking miracle!  At that appointment I also got results back on wearing a holter monitor for 24 hours. Totally normal.And my base heart rate is 60.

It was so not what I expected as a 46 year old very fat woman.  I thought he was going to read me the riot act about my health.  It was totally unexpected that it be normal!  Miracle of miracles, I am also coming up on three years since my bout with pancreatitis and I could not be more grateful that my blood sugars are all good.  I thought for sure I must have sustained some damage, but I guess I am good so as long as I take care of me, I should continue to be healthy.  To that end, I have booked an appointment with a nutritionist in the beginning of January and am going to ask for an eating plan that is appropriate to endurance training.  I know that losing weight would do great things for my times but it is a crazy eating trigger for me to lose weight  or even weigh myself so I hope to find a plan that will be on its own merit for supporting my training.  If that is the focus, I hope it will be enough.

So now we come to winter training. I thought through the fall that winter would be no big deal because around here we don't tend to have so much snow and I don't mind cold as long as there is no snow.  Sadly we seem to be getting socked with more snowfall in the past few days than we had in previous years until february.

And then there is that horrible sneezing fit I had after the Santa Shuffle and the fact that the Miami Marathon is in , well, MIAMI and its all adding up to a pattern that says 'get a gym membership and train there for the next forty five or so days.  So I hope to do that today or tomorrow.

And then there is the weirdness that happened yesterday when I was randomly looking for places for Marc and I to get away for a few days and all I could think about was getting back to Las Vegas so that we can hike in the Red Rock Canyon since it is cooler now than in the summer when it was 120F.  or to find anothe place to go where hiking would be the big attraction.  I would LOVE a 12 or 15 mile hike!  not at race pace, just to do it!  WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD!

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